The end of ‘Mr. Mercedes’ It is already written and you can only see it in AXN Now!

AXN has announced that this Wednesday April 1 will premiere in our country the third season of ‘Mr. Mercedes’, the curious television series inspired by the trilogy of novels written by Stephen King around Bill Hodges, a character who plays a wonderful Brendan Gleeson: A policeman who modern society and the past do not allow to enjoy his retirement.

After taking inspiration from ‘Mr. Mercedes’ for its first two seasons, this new season will focus mainly on the events narrated in ‘Who loses pays’, the second book written by the North American author that, like the Castle Rock from Hulu, sponsors the project as an executive producer.

A total of ten new episodes, each lasting an hour, featuring Jack Bender (‘Lost’) as director of most of them, and David E. Kelley (‘Big Little Lies’) as chief screenwriter and showrunner.

This third season begins with the robbery and murder of cult author John Rothstein at the hands of two survivors of the Mr. Mercedes massacre in line at the unemployment office. After that event they were traumatized and marginalized …

One of the assassins dies in the assault but the other, Morris Bellamy, escapes with the money and several Moleskine, which contain Rothstein’s unwritten manuscripts valued at millions of dollars. However, in his flight Morris has an accident and, while being transferred to a hospital, a teenager who happened to pass by, Pete Saubers, whose father was also injured in the attack by Mr. Mercedes, finds the money and the manuscripts. .

Hodges is very affected by Rothstein’s death, since he was one of its reference authors when he was a teenager, so he decides to get personally involved in the case and discover, by all means, who is responsible …

Released between September and October 2019 in the United States, AXN will premiere it in our country at a stroke this Wednesday, April 1, through AXN Now, the streaming service that is available through Movistar + video-on-demand platforms. , Vodafone, Orange and SKY.

Mention that although AXN considers it as if it were the last season of the series, that is something that is not actually confirmed yet. The truth is that in early 2020 AT&T announced the closure of the Audience Network as part of its strategy to focus its efforts on HBO Max, the future streaming platform of WarnerMedia that, if nothing has changed, is expected to see the light this coming month. May (at least in the United States).

This reorganization has affected the chain’s original productions such as ‘Loudermilk’, ‘Condor’, ‘T, me and her’ or own ‘Mr. Mercedes’, currently in a kind of limbo with an uncertain future about which no one seems to know anything, including its various managers.

However, given the need for original content, it’s not at all ruled out that AT&T decides to continue the series through HBO Max and produce a fourth season inspired by ‘End of Guard’, the third and last novel written by Stephen King around Bill Hodges to serve as the end of his television adventure.

Finally remember that, in the meantime, the aforementioned David E. Kelley and Jack Bender are working for Spyglass Entertainment in the television adaptation of ‘The Institute’, another Stephen King novel.

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Click here to watch it on YouTube.

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