The end came? James Gunn will not follow the Guardians of the Galaxy saga

James Gunn was very forthright about his plans for his future in charge of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga.

Apparently it is becoming common for the Marvel sagas to have four films, or at least it is starting to happen. Thor gave the example following with Love and thunder, as well as Captain America I would, placing Sam wilson as the new protagonistJames Gunn would you play along with your job?

The end came?  James Gunn will not follow the Guardians of the Galaxy saga

However, this would not be the plan of Guardians of the Galaxy, which is already preparing its third film. Its director renewed with the study, after much controversy, to be in command of this next installment, but the uncertainty of whether the franchise would go further, persisted.

So it was because of this that the director was questioned on Twitter about it. “Will this be your last GOTG movie or will there be one more?” Kaine richardson.

To the above, the creative responded in the same social network in a forceful way: “I am planning to make it my last.

If so, this would make sense after he has been very committed to the projects he has with DC. The filmmaker is currently working on The Suicide Squad, but also the series Peacemaker, which will be broadcast on HBO Max.

More emotional than ever

On the other hand, and returning to your commitment to Marvel, it should have volume 3 of the galactic saga ready by May 2023, which was the scheduled date for it.

Of this next film, James Gunn has said very little, but one of the details that are known is that it will come to an end in terms of the current group of Guardians. In addition, a death of one of the important characters is expected.

This would make it one of the most emotional plots of all the MCU, information that is had directly from him.

“No clue. I know I cried a lot while writing it, ”he revealed about the script for the feature film.

Finally, ‘La Casa de las Ideas’ has already published everything that awaits its phase 4 and this project is included.