The encouraging speech of Andrea Meza after being crowned in Miss Universe 2021

Andrea Meza.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Andrea Meza this Sunday night became the third Mexican who manages to be crowned as miss Universe. Lupita Jones did it in 1991 and Ximena Navarrete in 2010. Now, the 26-year-old girl performed the feat in the 2021 edition of the famous pageant.

Meza prevailed against contestants Julia Gama (Brazil), Kimberly Jiménez (Dominican Republic) and Janick Maceta (Peru), as well as Adline Castelino (India). A competition that was dominated by Latinas from start to finish.

After receiving the crown and congratulations from the other competitors, Andrea Meza gave an encouraging speech to consolidate her reign that is just beginning.

“We live in a society that is increasingly advanced. And just as we have advanced as a society, we have also advanced in stereotypes. Today, beauty does not only lie in how we look. For me, beauty lies in our spirit, in our soul and in the values ​​in which we operate. Never allow someone to tell you that you are worthless. Thank you ”, was what he said in his final speech.

The Chihuahua native stood out throughout the contest for her figure and bearing on the catwalk, as well as her responses about the Covid-19 pandemic and her idea of ​​breaking stereotypes of beauty.

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