The emotional welcome to “Chavo” Fucks on his return to the “Pollo” Vignolo program

Diego Fucks returned to ESPN F90

ESPN F90 panelist, Diego «Chavo» Fucks, He returned this Monday to the program he conducts Sebastian Vignolo after recovering from Covid-19.

«We have recovered Al Chavo after having spent a few days in hospital, after having suffered this disease. The first thing I want to do is tell you that We have missed you so much, and we are glad to have you back on this show, which of course is yours. How are you doing? ”Vignolo, who was in Santa Fe, introduced him to his partner.

First, Fucks took the opportunity to greet two colleagues who died from the coronavirus. Is about Guido Beroldo Y Adrian Di Blasi: «Greetings to Guido’s family, greetings to the family of ‘Gordo’ Di Blasi, who also stayed on the road due to this disease, which is hard, it is difficult, even for those of us who were able to leave, we have the fortune to get out of that, it is very hard and very difficult«.

Then, the football commentator addressed the host of the television broadcast, whom he thanked « in a personal capacity », as well as the rest of the panel members: « People out there don’t know. The engine is very important, the push of friends, co-workers, family, because of the body, doctors take care of it. There is a subject with the head. One is locked in a room only 20 days, 18, as it happened to me. And there, the head is essential, to have it clear and precise, to be focused on the cure. With things like the ones you did, that you came from somewhere and called me. I make it public because it seems to me that it had a lot to do. All my colleagues always a little call, a little message, a little voice message, all those things are what push ”.

At the same time, Fucks explained that he was also able to overcome the disease because he took it « in a very good moment of health »: « My physique was fine to take a bilateral pneumonia, what was serious; We even spoke on the day of admission and I was not well, everyone around me was a little scared, but I was able to get out. The truth is that it is difficult«He admitted.

On where the Covid-19 could have been infected, the sports journalist could not specify when it happened: “I have no idea, how, especially, because I was careful, but you have to be very careful. You have to continue taking care of yourself, beyond the fact that for a month or so I have no contagion capacity, because I have anti bodies. But what gets you out of this, what helps you, is the head«, He reiterated.

Finally, the experienced chronicler thanked « all the staff of the Otamendi Sanatorium, that were at the foot of the canyon », although he did not see « anyone’s face » for disease prevention methods: “This is another rather strange topic. All covered, protected. For this reason, I started talking about the subject of the head, your colleagues, your friends, your family, help in that sense. (…) I’m very happy to hear it, I am very happy to be here again«, He concluded.