The emotional message of Miguel Cabrera’s son to his father in the Major Leagues

The present day Miguel Cabrera surpassed Omar Vizquel in lifetime hits in the Big leagues. His son did not hesitate to write him a message on social media.

Cabrera Jr. who has been very active on Instagram wrote an emotional message to the “Pope of the Ice Cream Shop” and who could be the next Venezuelan to the Hall of Fame of the MLB.

“Congratulations dad. I am very proud of all that you are achieving. Keep up the great work papo ✊🏼🔥 “wrote Christopher Cabrera What message in your personal account.

Without a doubt, the Venezuelan of the Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera continues giving what to talk about in the MLB and each day adds historical figures for life in the Big leagues.

There is no doubt that the Miggy will be sooner rather than later in the Big Show Hall of Fame. “El Marciano” continues to register figures and his son is proud of his father and soon congratulated him with a message.

Here you can see it:

In the same publication of the child, you can see how Miguel Cabrera He responds minutes later.

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