The Emilio Snchez Vicario Foundation doubles its support for wheelchair tennis

The wheelchair tennis de lite returns to Madrid with him IX ITF Wheelchair Fundacion Emilio Snchez Vicario, of the Uniqlo circuit that will take place July 8 to 11 in the City of the Racket. This appointment, a sporting culmination of the social work of support for people with disabilities through sport carried out by the Foundation, comes through an important organizational effort, since it has passedITF Grade 1 to Grade 2.

The participation will be led by two of the Spanish leaders of chair tennis, Dani Caverzaschi and Martn de la Puente, both fighting for qualification for the JTokyo Paralympic Games and for entering the ‘Top 8’ ITF, which gives access to the Grand slam.

At the presentation they heard Sofa Miranda Esteban, Sports Delegate of the Madrid City Council; Miguel Daz, President of the RFET; ‘Tati’ Rascn, President of the FTM; Emilio Sanchez Vicario, Honorary President of the Emilio Snchez Vicario Foundation and Javier Mart, Managing Director of the City of La Raqueta. Miranda thanked the Foundation for “bringing all children closer to sports and highlighting public-private collaboration”, highlighting that “the sports practice of this modality has a great value from a clinical and rehabilitative point of view, as

it improves the strength of the upper limbs, the ability and the global resistance of the patients who practice it “.

Miguel Daz, who has lent from his various positions in Spanish tennis to chair tennis, pointed out that the past Roland Garros Two winners of this tournament were finalist and semifinalist: Alfie Hewett and Gustavo. Furthermore, “everything Emilio Sanchez does leads him to success“. ‘Tati’ Rascn congratulated the tournament for its consolidation, saluted the role of Ciudad de la Raqueta as an “engine of events” and also recalled the beginnings of the modality “and the reality of seeing players like Dani Caverzaschi“. Mart stressed that despite the difficulties “the Foundation has been growing And now, after the pandemic, he has moved on with the schools and this tournament. It is an example of resilience. ”

In order to Emilio Sanchez Vicario, honorary president of the foundation that bears his name, “tennis is so demanding, so hard, that you work to become adaptable to any situationespecially in the face of challenges. For people with diverse abilities, the simple fact of being able to do sports is something incredible, it is motivating. Our goal is to help people in those difficult moments, in those difficult games in life, and that they do it together. “

The Emilio Snchez Vicario Foundation carries out a continuous work of support, through the teaching and practice of tennis and paddle tennis, to people with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities Through tennis and paddle tennis schools, such as the one installed in the Hospital Nacional de Parapljicos de Toledo or the tennis programs for the blind and people with reduced vision. In addition to donations and institutional support, the Emilio Snchez Vicario Foundation finances these activities with initiatives such as the Ciudad de la Raqueta Solidarity Music Festival, which is being held these days. The passage of the ITF Tournament from Grade 1 to Grade 2 has meant doubling the contribution.

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