It is convenient to know what are the emerging programming languages ​​to specialize since they will shape the future and also most of the jobs for programmer at the end of this decade.

It is always interesting to know those emerging programming languages ​​that will dominate most job openings for decades to come, and starting to specialize on time is the key to success in the sector.

Although today programming languages ​​such as Python, Java and C dominate all popularity indexes and are usually present in most job offers for programmers, the truth is that if you want to go far in this industry you also have to specialize in an emerging language that can complement the main one and those that are more are growing are: Go, Swift, Perl and R.

Since last year it has been observed that these emerging programming languages ​​have gained a lot of ground, but still far from being present in the first positions of the different popularity indexes. It should be noted that languages ​​like Go, Swift and R have been among the languages ​​preferred by developers to study as a complementary language based on HackerRank’s 2020 Developer Skill Report.

Learn a programming language It is not easy and requires many years of our life, and therefore knowing how to specialize in the right one and that at the same time we like it, can assure us a job.

In these emerging languages ​​it is necessary to highlight R which is mainly used by researchers and data scientists to process their research. In fact R has already crept into the top 10 in the latest update of the TIOBE list. The R language is up there because universities and research institutes adopt R and Python for their statistical analyzes, and it is also required to analyze many statistics and data to find a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

There are more doubts about Perl, but in recent months it is showing that it has a hard core in the community of users who still trust it, which also makes it one of the most popular complementary languages.

We review the history of programming languages ​​from the first of 1801 to the most recent. Throughout history there have been many programming languages ​​and compilers to ” interpret ” those languages, and these are the most important.

Fewer doubts about Go and Swift, since they are programming languages powered by Google and Apple developers respectively, with which they have a great advantage and above all a guaranteed future.

Mind you, none of these emerging languages ​​mentioned are expected to come close to the domain of Python, Java, and C, at least for the next five years.

[Vía: DICE]