The embarrassing situation that Michael J. Fox lived with Diana of Wales at the premiere of ‘Back to the Future’

Despite the years and despite the fact that the entire life of Diana of Wales has almost been told, from time to time, new data and anecdotes of this unique Princess come out. The mother of princes Guillermo and Harry always stood out for her closeness and knew how to cope with her great charisma in all kinds of environments. It especially shone at events related to cinema and it is precisely the premiere of a film that has put it back in full swing. The actor Michael J. Fox has just revealed a funny anecdote that he lived with the remembered Princess during the premiere of Back to the Future, the film that catapulted him to fame and that still remains in the popular imagination of an entire generation. The artist had to watch the film with Diana, from whom he did not separate for a moment despite a funny emergency he had. VIEW GALLERY The world premiere of fiction took place in 1985 in London, as the iconic artist has recalled on Tonight Show presenter Jimmy Fallon. Princess Diana attended the screening with her then husband, Prince Charles of England. “She was sitting next to me,” recalled the actor who saw how his emotion became a somewhat embarrassing moment. “When the movie started, I suddenly really wanted to go to the bathroom. I was sitting down, but I was dying and I couldn’t say anything to him or be absent for not being ugly. The night of my life became a nightmare ”, he recalled with humor. Fortunately, Back to the Future enchanted the Princess and Fox remembers the anecdote with a big smile while adding that the Princess “was great and very sweet.” – Michael J. Fox tells how he copes with Parkinson’s, a disease he has suffered for almost three decades – The protagonists of ‘Back to the Future’ meet more than 30 years later Despite his multiple works in the seventh art, Michael J. Fox will always be remembered as Marty McFly, the rebellious and impulsive teenager who accidentally traveled to the past. Such was the success, that Back to the Future became a trilogy with an impressive soundtrack that still amuses and entertains teenagers of the eighties. VIEW GALLERY A few years after his great success, in 1991, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and told the world about it in 1998, forcing him to quit acting in 2000 due to symptoms of his disease they had become more severe. Since then he has become one of the most visible faces of the sick with this ailment and a great activist who continues to fight to find a cure. He has a foundation with his name dedicated to Parkinson’s research, becoming one of the largest donors in this regard. Since 1988 he has been married to actress Tracy Pollan, with whom he has four children.