The EMA links thrombi to the AstraZeneca vaccine and concludes that they are “very rare” side effects

The European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English) has determined this Wednesday that the rare cases of thrombosis registered by people after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine may be related to it and that they should be classified as “very rare side effects“From the Oxford University Serum, now called Vaxzevria.

Finally, the EMA has related the rare events of thrombosis with the AstraZeneca vaccine, in an evaluation after which, however, it has not recommended stopping the vaccination with it nor has it been able to specify specific risk factors, despite verifying that the cases are have occurred in women under 60 years of age.

“The EMA pharmacovigilance committee (PRAC) cannot recommend any special measures to reduce the risk,” said its director, Sabine Strauss, during a press conference after learning the conclusions about the AstraZeneca vaccine. As he said, “most of the cases are under 60 years of age and women, but due to the different way in which the vaccine is being used, we cannot conclude that age or risk are risk factors.”

Although this Wednesday it has established a direct link between thrombi and the AstraZeneca vaccine that it did not see so clearly in a preliminary analysis several weeks ago, the EMA insisted this Wednesday that the benefit of the British vaccine is greater than the damage that it entails contracting the Covid.

The most plausible “explanation” that the EMA has offered this Wednesday is that it has to do with eparin. He admits that there is no specific treatment and simply asks health workers and vaccinated people to be on the lookout for any suspicious symptoms within two weeks of receiving the injection.

“People who have received the vaccine should seek health care immediately if they develop symptoms of the combination of thrombi and low platelets,” the organization said in a statement.

The evaluation is done in the middle of a great controversy around the safety of the drug and the death of several people in Europe (at least two in Spain) days after receiving the serum.

In Spain, Castilla y León has already suspended the administration of AstraZeneca until the EMA decides on its possible relationship with thrombosis problems

The Ministry of Health has delayed the meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, which has included the EMA statement on the vaccine and “the appropriate agreements” on the agenda due to this matter.

And it is that the head of that department, Carolina Darias will participate via telematics in a Extraordinary meeting of EU Health Ministers called for 6:00 p.m. to analyze the report that the EMA will disseminate.

European ministers plan to make possible decisions on the vaccine. After this meeting, Darias will transfer those decisions to the Interterritorial Council, which will not begin before 8:00 p.m.