The Ellen DeGeneres Show will end in 2022 – Tomatazos

After her program was destroyed in social networks in recent months because different complaints of workplace abuse were made known, Ellen DeGeneres (Looking for Dory – 94%, Finding Nemo – 99%), one of the most famous Hollywood presenters in the industry, has announced that The Ellen DeGeneres Show It will end in 2022 (via Variety).

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The talk show often simply called Ellen debuted on September 8, 2003, so by next year it will have already been on the air for 19 seasons. Throughout all these years, the show has managed to combine interviews with musical numbers and moving stories, always with the humor and charisma that characterize DeGeneres.

In addition, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been an important element of the talk show landscape throughout its run and has even inspired a number of spinoff shows: Ellen’s Game of Games, The Masked Dancer, Family Game Fight Y Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways.

The decision to end the show is not entirely surprising, as DeGeneres’ current contract is known to end in 2022. In fact, there were rumors when he extended his contract in 2019 that he planned to end the series at that time, although he did eventually sign. for another three years. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via Variety), the host spoke about the renewal of her contract and the plans she had from the beginning.

I was going to stop after season 16. That would be my last season and they wanted to sign for four more years and I said I would sign maybe one. They said there was no way to sign for one. We can’t do that with affiliates and stations need more commitment. So we decided on three more years and I knew it would be the last. That was the plan from the beginning.

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Although Ellen’s show was long loved by the public, in recent months she has faced backlash after several former employees reported a series of workplace abuses and hostile attitude from employees. producers, as well as strict policies that prevented them from approaching the driver, who never offered them the confidence to work harmoniously with her.

In April 2020, Variety also reported outrage among members of the show’s team over the pay cut, lack of communication, and poor treatment by producers after the pandemic forced them to shut down and a company was hired. non-union tech company to remotely record the show. DeGeneres finally addressed the allegations and the show’s top three producers, Ed glavin, Kevin Leman Y Jonathan Norman, were fired, however, the public was not lenient and the audience numbers dropped considerably.

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