The elegant response of the writer Irene Vallejo when a tweeter criticizes her physique

Irene Vallejo, at the Critical Eye Awards in February 2020. (Photo: Samuel de Roman via Getty Images)

Without losing the good sense and good taste that characterize her so much, the writer Irene Vallejo responded on Twitter this Sunday to a user who compared her physique with that of Prince Felipe of Edinburgh and asked her how many days she had been “after”.

Vallejo, who usually responds on social networks to all readers who address her, has also replied to this ‘Josue’, who precisely on his Twitter profile boasts of having read “few books” and of not paying attention to what who writes. In fact, the man adds in his bio that “the offenses are not deliberate.”

But deliberate or not, his latest offense has had a reply. Echoing a column entitled Cotorras that she published in El País on March 8, Irene Vallejo cites the case of the historian Mary Beard, who after premiering a series on the Romans on television, “suffered attacks on networks due to her physical appearance ”. “Far from being cowed, he faced the messages and prepared a conference ‘Come on, shut up, dear'”, Vallejo quotes in his reply.

The support for the author of Infinity in a reed has not been long in coming. In addition to receiving a thousand “likes” and more than two hundred retweets, tweeters and readers – including several well-known journalists – have come to his defense en masse, applauding Vallejo and asking him to never shut up.


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