“The effort and commitment of professionals allow progress in the vaccination of Covid”






The Nursing Union, SATSE, has stressed that andl remarkable increase in Covid-19 vaccinations experienced over the last few days has been possible thanks to the es effort of healthcare professionals, especially nurses, who, in many cases, “have put aside their well-deserved rest and have also maintained the vaccination at Easter to immunize as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.”

The Nursing Union emphasizes that, in these days of Holy Week, it has been verified that, when the necessary vaccine doses are available, the population is immunized at a very adequate rate given the commitment shown, once again, by nurses who are willing to vaccinate outside of your regular workdayEither in the evenings, on weekends or during holidays.

“When the different public officials congratulate themselves for having achieved in these days a new ‘record’ in the number of people already vaccinated against the coronavirus, they must be reminded that it would not be possible without the thousands of nurses who, leaving aside any personal interest or in particular, they are dedicating all their energies and efforts to the immunization campaign with a single objective, the health of all ”, he points out.

Likewise, the Union emphasizes that nurses not only limit themselves to administering the vaccine, but are also the professionals in charge of planning, receiving and monitoring the corresponding doses, in addition to monitoring any adverse effect or reaction that the person they serve may have to solve with solvency and protect your health

On the other hand, SATSE highlights that, although in recent days the rate of vaccination has increased in our country, we are still far from the target of reaching 70 percent of the immunized population this summer, since during the first three months there have been repeated breaches by the European and Spanish authorities that have prevented the adequate pace from being carried out.

“The total willingness and dedication of nurses to vaccinate has been clear and present from the first moment, but it is clear that various management and coordination errors also attributable to the pharmaceutical industry have led us to face the second quarter of the campaign of vaccination below expectations ”, he adds.

In this sense, SATSE trusts that the second quarter will be reached at all times the appropriate vaccination rate in the whole of the State and, for this, it reiterates the need for all health services to have the necessary health professionals, as well as for adequate planning and coordination of the human and material resources available.

“Let’s hope that Easter is really a turning point in the immunization campaign in our country and that all the population groups that are still pending can be vaccinated in a timely manner to regain the normality after the summer that we have been wanting so much for so many months. health professionals like any patient or the general public ”, he concludes.

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