The DTM bets on the Austrian company AVL for the ‘BoP’ of its GT3

It’s no secret that DTM and SRO Motorsports have a tight relationship after the conflict that ITR maintained as promoter of the German series and Stéphane Ratel’s company as a result of the DTM Trophy. Perhaps for this reason or to mark differences with the different GT3 championships managed by SRO Motorsport, the promoter of the DTM has decided to bet on the Austrian company AVL to configure the ‘Balance of Performance’ of the GT3 that will compete in the series from 2021. An agreement that should serve both parties to try to show their potential and stand out within a category with a clear dominance.

In a technical profile, VLN’s choice to perform the DTM’s ‘BoP’ has light and shadow. In fact, it seems logical to turn to a different company than SRO Motorsports when the ‘BoP’ of Stéphane Ratel’s company for his championships or the ADAC GT Masters is based on the use of Pirelli tires and the DTM will continue to use Hankook tires. Nevertheless, AVL’s lack of experience In the development of ‘Balance of Performance’ processes and in the management of GT3 vehicles, there is considerable doubt due to the technical complexity involved in adjusting the performance of new DTM cars.

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Although the DTM has the opportunity to distance itself from the ADAC GT Masters and the SRO Motorsports and AVL competitions to expand its business and its visibility, the lack of experience of the Austrian company It invites us to think that manufacturers can use this circumstance to obtain profits in their favor. The technical departments of the GT3 manufacturers should not have too much trouble using all the data they have about their cars and thus achieve that the ‘Balance of Performance’ can be favorable to their interests and outperform your rivals.