Today enjoying an immune system is synonymous with health and the best prevention of diseases and infections in the body. Natural shakes are a wonderful ally, providing all the necessary nutrients

One of the most popular and booming trends of the last years is the business of immune health supplements, specialists predict that it is an industry that will reach $ 28 billion by 2027. However, regardless of what the advertisers of said products say, it is important to know that there are no magic potions or scientifically proven formulas to improve the functioning of the immune system, in fact, several researchers argue that the only real way to improve immunity is through vaccines to treat specific diseases.

There is a natural way proven by all kinds of specialists Worldwide which confirms that the best way to increase effectiveness of the immune system is through nutrition, specifically trying to follow a balanced diet and stay fit by doing physical activity and taking care of body weight. That is why consuming bebidas of 100% natural origin is a great ally as part of a broader and nutritionally sound approach

Do they really work?

The first thing that is important to consider according to the experts is that lmalnutrition or malnutrition is a major cause of a poor immune system, that is why the habitual consumption of this type of drinks that stand out for its content in vital nutrients can play a key role in the prevention and recovery of various diseases. We present you a list of basic nutrients that these drinks must contain to function properly on the immune system.

Proteins: The proteins and essential amino acids it contains are a key nutrient in increase immunity and recover from any illness or infection.
Fish oil: It is related to great benefits for reduce inflammation.
Vitamin A: Considered one of the best allies for the immune system, it has the peculiarity of pprotect the mucous cells that line the main organs of the body and increases the ability to produce antibodies in response to specific infections.
Vitamin D: It is one of the most essential nutrients for the immune system, the main source is through sun exposure and some foods, that is why it has strong effects for decrease the presence of autoimmune diseases.
Vitamin C: Infallible when we talk about a strong and healthy immune system, is highly valued for promoting white blood cell production that fight infection.
Probiotics: They are considered good bacteria, they are microorganisms that have the peculiarity of promote a healthy digestive system and contribute directly in intestinal function.

Considerations for preparing your own drinks:

Try to integrate these types of drinks daily as part of your routine to start the day, remember that stay hydrated it’s a simple way of stimulate the immune system.
Natural shakes to boost the immune system they don’t have to be complex, expensive or made in a super blenderHowever, it is important that you consider that must not contain caffeine or sugar and of course they must be based on fresh and seasonal ingredients.
There are drinks that are extremely easy to acquire and that do not require a great elaboration process, some good examples are green tea thanks to your content in catechins and the tomato juice that is very rich in vitamin C.
Smoothies are an extraordinary ally for consuming lots of nutrients in one shot, experts recommend integrating the following food groups: Like the ingredients rich in vegetable protein as is the case of nuts, soybeans, seeds, and dairy products. It is also very important to consider vitamin C intake found in fruits like kiwi, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit and lemonat the same time do not stop considering the important contribution in vitamin A found in foods like apricots, carrots, and spinach.

Smoothie recipe for the immune system

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends the consumption of following smoothie in the morning:


1 peeled orange
1 cup of grapes
1 peeled banana
1 pear without a heart
1 cup soy, almond, or rice milk
2 cups fresh kale or spinach ice cubes (optional)

Step by Step:

Wash and disinfect the fruits and vegetables you are going to use.
Add the ingredients in the blender and process for a couple of minutes.
Consume daily fasting, it is wonderful you will feel with a lot of energy.