The dress is opened, Chiquis Rivera delights Instagram with her style

The dress is opened, Chiquis Rivera delights Instagram with her style (Instagram)

The dress opens, Chiquis Rivera delights Instagram with her style | Instagram

Spectacular! The beautiful Chiquis Rivera left thousands speechless on Instagram and in Tengo Talento Mucho Talento when she opened her dress to the delight of all.

The beautiful daughter of Jenni Rivera She looked like a true queen dressed in a spectacular golden dress that showed a lot of the singer.

The wardrobe in question was a rather elegant and long shiny dress, with a pronounced neckline at the torso and legs; but as if that were not enough, Chiquis Rivera She left her followers on Instagram on the verge of shock when she opened her dress so that they could see more of her voluptuous anatomy.

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The long-sleeved dress made the interpreter of Cheer up and you will see Like a true goddess and complemented her outfit with matching shoes and large earrings, her hair was completely gathered on the top of her head, giving the beautiful Chiquis Rivera more elegance and aesthetics.

With a challenging look and her pink lips, the beautiful singer arrived 14 hours ago on Instagram from the forum I have talent, a lot of talent.

There are two photographs that Chiquis Rivera shared on his official Instagram account, where he has already exceeded one hundred thousand reactions and fifteen hundred comments. Expressions like “beautiful”, hearts, kisses and others did not wait in the comment box of the publication of Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

My Next Level of Life, is Invite Only, wrote the famous ex of Lorenzo Méndez along with the photographs.

Chiquis Rivera has become one of the favorite judges on the Tengo Talento Mucho Talento program, where together with stars like Ana Bárbara, she participates and has fun in search of new talents. The famous woman never ceases to amaze with her costumes in the broadcast and she always looks really beautiful.

In addition, despite the coronavirus pandemic, the beautiful interpreter has not stopped working and staying in constant contact with her loyal followers.

Chiquis Rivera has been constantly sharing content on his social networks and delighting Internet users with new singles and videos of his music.

Recently, the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera surprised everyone by making a surprising change of look, because she was seen as a brunette.

Chiquis Rivera became quite a brunette, leaving behind her usual blonde for her video of Me Vale, her most recent hit.

The star of regional music was seen with a rather different style and dark straight hair with which he surprised many. Chiquis took advantage of the change to question her followers about how she looks better, if she is blonde or brunette.

In the Me Vale video, Chiquis Rivera steals sighs with her outfits and exotic movements, as was seen on Instagram in a video where she lowers her pants to show off more of herself.

Apparently the famous did not like her dark hair, because a short time later she was seen with a very short blonde hair.

Currently, Chiquis Rivera is facing her divorce proceedings from Lorenzo Mendez, a decision not easy for the famous, because to say of herself, is a woman in love.

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Chiquis Rivera shared what he considers to be his mistake in the relationship with Méndez, he assures that this was: to take care of him.

The famous one indicated that she always took great care of the singer, her relationship and she worried too much; He also assures that he always supported him and continues to support him because he wishes to do very well.

He added that Jenni Rivera always considered men as a dessert and like her, she usually enjoys them and enjoys every moment, so she does not regret anything since everything was what God wanted her to live and learn.