After settling months of disputes with their players, the Big leagues Baseball players announced their plan to start the 2020 season in late July with a regular phase reduced to 60 games due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The regular phase will be played in 66 days, the shortest tournament since 1878, with players reporting to their respective teams on July 1 to kick off training camps.

But these are the strict measures they will take in the Major Leagues to avoid the coronavirus.

If a player tests positive they will place him on a disabled list of Covid-19. In addition to that the baseball players will watch a security video before training. Every two days they will be tested.

On the other hand, they must use face masks in the facilities and in the stadiums, they can only leave it when they are in play.

Already on the field they will not be able to clash their fists, hug each other, avoid arguing with the referees or the opposing team. Even pitchers can carry a wet rag to avoid saliva on their fingers for moisture.

Additional innings will start with a runner at second base, position runners can pitch at any point in the game, and the three-hitter rule for pitchers will be in effect.

As for the personnel, this is how the protocol will be carried out at three levels.

Level one is the players, coaches, doctors and translators. In the two it includes other essential personnel, with a limit of 38 and for the third level it will be other people who do not require contact with the first level.

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In addition to these rules, teams can have up to 20 players located with the sanity and distance rules.

“The health and safety of players and employees will continue to be MLB’s top priorities in their return to the game,” the league said. “MLB is working with a variety of public health experts, infectious disease specialists, and technology providers on a comprehensive approach that aims to facilitate a safe return.”