Daniela Trezzi, was a nurse in the intensive care area for patients with Covid-19 until she tested positive for the virus and decided to kill herself

By: Web Writing

Daniela Trezzi I worked as nurse in the intensive care area at the San Gerardo de Monza Hospital, in Italy, on the outskirts of Milan, one of the main fronts of the pandemic of coronavirus.

The nurse 34-year-old worked exhaustively for a month and a half to save the sick from Covid-19.

According to the National Federation of Nurses, Daniela Trezzi I had tested positive for COVID-19 And because of that, “I had been living under a lot of stress for fear of infecting others.” Terrified, on Tuesday she made a determination to end her life.

“Pain and dismay,” was what the union said after Trezzi’s death, in a statement confirming his death.

The news of suicide of women comes at a time when the country accumulates a death toll of 7,503 dead and 74,386 infected. The Italian government reported 683 new deaths in the last 24 hours on Wednesday, March 25.