The double value of the goal in the opposite field disappears in the Cup semifinals

06/25/2021 at 4:18 PM CEST

The RFEF Delegate Commission has approved today the new rules that regulate all competitions that are under the umbrella of the Federation, including First and Second Division, First RFEF, Second B (Second RFEF), Third Division (Third RFEF), First Women’s Division (Primera Iberdrola), Second Women’s Division (Reto Iberdrola), First National or Junior Honor Division.

Among them draws attention the disappearance of the factor of the double value of goals in the opposite field to resolve the semifinals of the Copa del Rey only round trip of the KO tournament since the format change.

Likewise, those of the tournaments organized by the RFEF have also been ratified, such as the Spanish Championship-SM Rey Cup, Spanish Super Cup, Spanish Women’s Championship-SM La Reina Cup, Champions Cup, RFEF Cup, National League Youth, Youth Copa del Rey, futsal and beach soccer competitions or Spanish championships of the regional teams.

In the competitive aspect, the return to normality of non-professional competitions is confirmed, which are once again structured in groups – regardless of the organization into subgroups characteristic of the last season and as a result of COVID.

The main novelties associated with these competition bases lie, on the one hand, in the maximum prioritization of sporting merits to guarantee the direct promotion of all group champions in each category.

And the other great novelty has to do with the Copa del Rey, where UEFA regulations are automatically extended by eliminating the extra value of goals in the opposite field in the event of a tie. This means that from next season this condition disappears as it has been happening up to now in the semifinal qualifying rounds; the only knockout in the current KO tournament format that has a roundtrip match.

With regard to the draws for the calendars and the publication of the pairings, it should be noted that from July 1 to 16, a mandatory team registration period opens for all categories and that when it concludes, it will be carried out the ensuing calendar draws and publication of the pairings of non-professional competitions, which will begin to be played, depending on the category, between the end of August and the beginning of September.

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