The doctor César Carballo warns about what can happen: “Be careful with trusting yourself”

César Carballo, in ‘La Sexta Noche’. (Photo: LASEXTA)

The doctor César Carballo, popular for his interventions in television programs such as La Sexta Noche, has published on his Twitter account a warning about what could happen in Spain.

The expert has shared a thread from El País América, where they explain that coronavirus cases have reached a record in Chile, with 45% of the population vaccinated. Last Friday it reached 8,112, although a record has also been broken in the number of tests carried out. Cases in the country have risen three times faster in the worst moment of the first wave, with fewer than 170 ICU beds available.

The media points out as causes of the increase the excessive confidence of the citizens, “derived precisely from the rapid vaccination campaign, and that this started when the new variants were already present in the country.”

Faced with this situation, the doctor has warned about the “error”: “Be careful with trusting yourself with the vaccination before the summer. Look at the mistake they have made in Chile, with more than 30% of the population vaccinated ”.

“LET’S LEARN …”, he asked.

Health has confirmed this Wednesday 8,788 new positives and 126 deaths from coronavirus since Tuesday. The balance also includes a new increase in national incidence, which already stands at 167.97 (three and a half points more than on Tuesday).

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Pedro Sánchez expressed his confidence in having 33 million Spaniards vaccinated in August, which would mean meeting the EU’s goal of having immunized 70% of the adult population by the end of the summer.


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