The confinement leaves everything between the national famoseo and the breaks could not be missing. The one that reveals « Week » is quite a bombshell in the pink kiosk. Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce they divorce. Goodbye to one of the most stable couples, perfect (a bit bland, true) and beautiful in the world of color. They had been married for 24 years and not a rifirrafe. Now, about to celebrate their silver anniversary, they are leaving it.

In the magazine they have turned Belen Stephen in cook. He publishes his first recipe book and dedicates it to his mother Carmen. In an interview the collaborator of « Sálvame » talks about her work, her dishes and her greatest wish: to be a mother with Michael. Complete the cover of « Week » Baroness Thyssen. Tita Cervera he is sad because he just died Manolo Segura, her boyfriend of youth and with whom she had her first-born Borja. « I was able to say goodbye to Manuel. He gave us time to say I love you, » he explains.

« Hello » also bets on the cuisine and recipes of another famous, Tamara Falcó, winner of « Masterchef ». The daughter of Isabel Preysler jump on television with a gastronomy program and pose on the cover with a fresh and very summery image surrounded by delicious dishes. In addition, he makes it clear that he is in no rush to officially become Marquesa de Griñón, a title inherited from his late father Carlos Falcó. « I’m not until the King decides, » says Tamara. Well Philip VI and his wife Queen Letizia these days are quite busy. They have started a great tour throughout Spain to take the pulse of the country after the hard months of confinement and the devastation caused by the health crisis. « Hola » announces on the cover the best photos of this real return to Spain and some anecdotes. And another breakup, that of Fiona Ferrer and Javier Fal-Conde. The magazine says that they split after two years of relationship.

In « Readings » Jorge Javier Vázquez take the opportunity to bury the hatchet (political) with Belén Esteban. Both have been great friends for many years, but they have just made headlines for their live confrontation on the set of « Save me » on account of politics. The presenter wants no trouble: « Belén and I will always have each other. » The television celebrity on the cover of the magazine has a representative this week to Adara, who puts on the swimsuit to announce that Rodri, from GH17, occupies his heart. Toñi Moreno, happy mom, will be busy this summer, because it will be the one to replace Emma Garcia on his television show.

« Ten Minutes » has gone to the cemetery with Ana García-Obregón. The magazine publishes photos of the actress at her son’s grave Aless Lequio, who died more than a month ago. He went to bring her flowers the day the young man would be 28 years old. In Menorca it cools Mercedes Mila, great in a striped swimsuit on the way to take a dip. And he walks happily around Madrid Rosa Lopez with her boyfriend.