The disturbing stories that inspired Disney classics

Maleficent (‘Sleeping Beauty’), ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Pocahontas’. (Photo: Disney)

Every so often, a critical current appears with the classic Disney films. Currents of those who want to reversion and adapt them to be educational, in accordance with the times; others of those who believe that they contain subliminal messages of sexual content and others who see racist or sexist overtones in them.

The latest most talked about controversies have been those of Snow White, Peter Pan, The Aristocats and Dumbo. In the case of the first, this same month the San Francisco Chronicle requested that the factory remove the scene of the prince’s kiss to Snow White from one of the Disneyland attractions in California.

The article argued that the protagonist is asleep and, therefore, the kiss is not consensual. “Teaching children to kiss a person, if both do not agree, is not okay,” they justified.

In the case of the last three titles, it was Disney itself who decided to restrict them on its streaming platform to children under the age of seven, warning about the racist content of the films.

Even with all this, the great Disney classics are highly sweetened from the very moment in which, based on disturbing stories, films were created for children.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

It is an adaptation of one of the Brothers Grimm tales. In the story, the young woman survives several assassination attempts ordered by her stepmother: that of the hunter who tries to remove her heart, another by strangulation, the moment in which she combs her hair with a poisoned brush, and that of the famous apple. Once Snow White survives thanks to the prince’s kiss, the young woman wants revenge and invites her stepmother to her wedding. During the celebration, he agrees that the prince ob …

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