The Golden State Warriors ended a spectacular five-year period in which they conquered 3 rings last season with the loss to the Toronto Raptors in the Finals of the NBA. However, his glorious era could end a year earlier and David West, one of the members of that dream team, has recounted details of the meningitis outbreak that almost prevents the conquest of the third ring of that team.

07/27/2020 10:07

The San Francisco team has the highest salaries in the entire NBA and has to find ways to mitigate the effects of the break

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In March 2018, with a team that included Durant, Curry, Thompson and Green, among others, the Warriors seemed invincible. Despite the scare that the Houston Rockets gave them that year, with 3-2 in their favor and a game that was played at the Toyota Center, the Californian team was able to get the ring by sweeping the Cavaliers, but as we say a month before Starting that preseason, the locker room trembled.

The San Francisco team’s medical team took swift steps to keep the matter from escalating. Many of the members of that group thought it had been a simple scare, but according to West, the Warriors’ own doctors assured him that the situation was really worrying: « That was somewhat complicated, one of the doctors who was a friend of mine told me It had been really serious, I thought it had not been like that at all, and he assured me that all of us had been potentially exposed, « said West.

David West already left a cryptic message in celebration of the ring

In the celebration that the team had in the locker room that year, several journalists asked about this situation. West himself left some statements that were difficult to assess assuring that they had dealt « internally » with the problem, but he also maintained the doubt by indicating that « when people find out what has happened, they will not believe it. »

West also confirmed that all Warriors players had had to give themselves a shot to prevent the spread: “We had to get vaccinated that same night. I thought they were going to tell us that one of our colleagues had died or something like that, because just that day things were not going well. ”

The team did not want anyone to know about it

After vaccination there was another complication that the team had to deal with: the dressings that the doctors put on the place where they punctured them. West said that in the Warriors they wanted to expose the matter as little as possible, so covering the injections was a problem: « We couldn’t put on bandages, because if we did, people would wonder why we were all wearing them. »

The power forward also had a few words for the team members’ concern for their families: “It was a big scare when we started thinking about them, our wives, our mothers and fathers, or our children. It could have been crazy if any of us had it. « 

Luckily, no member of the squad had to go through a disease as harsh as meningitis and they were able to get the last ring from this dream team. But, sometimes it must be remembered that life is not a fairy tale and any little detail can change the situation a lot in all areas of life.