The discussion on air between the lawyers of Matías Morla and Dieguito Fernando: the money at stake, the chats and the impending expertise on Maradona’s cell phone

Baudry and D’Alessandro together

Mauricio D ‘Alessandro and Mario Baudry, the lawyers for Matías Morla and Dieguito Fernando Maradona, respectively, they sat face to face in the morning Los Angeles, the Angel de Brito, for The thirteen, to discuss the leakage of the latest audios and chats in the cause investigating the death of Diego Armando Maradona. “You cannot filter the wiretaps. It is illegal ”, assured D ‘Alessandro, so that Mauro Baudry would contradict him and there the first counterpoint between the two lawyers would be presented, who in any case expressed the mutual respect they have.

They then delved into the details of the file. “We are all together in the criminal case. And in the succession you will see documents signed by the five heirs. But there are specific things, like the United States trial – which was extended and expires on March 25 – in which you cannot pretend that they all go together. Because it is wrongly said that the cause is against ClaudiaIt is against four societies, and there are the daughters. You cannot pretend that they go against themselves, ”explained Baudry, who is technically representative of Dieguito Fernando, the youngest of the Ten’s children, and also a couple of Verónica Ojeda.

In relation to the money at stake, the professionals showed their differences. “There are things they agree on and others they don’t. One in which it is true that there is little money, at least that which appears in the cause ”, Baudry slipped in, so that Ángel de Brito would ask D’Alessandro where that fortune was. “I think that out of modesty one should not say how much money there is, but it would be about 1,700 million pesos. It is little, but I don’t know what little is because for my economy it is a lot ”, he pointed out, so that Baudry could intervene. “That is not true. In the case there are four accounts with money that it is not yet certified how much there is, except what they declared. Today it reaches between 6 and 7 million dollars ”, he pointed.

Diego Maradona, as coach of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata, in March 2020 (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarián) Diego Maradona, as coach of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata, in March 2020 (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarián)

That was the prelude to debate the causes of the player’s death. While Dr. D’Alessandro assures that he died by natural death, Baudry said: “It is not like that. Today the wrongful death is proven. The more time you spend without doing anything, the test dilutes. Only two raids were made in the case. But not all. Also, all the phones were reset. “

Convinced of the importance of reaching the ultimate consequences, Baudry said: “In any country, with other prosecutors, they would all be in prison. And there are worse things regarding Maradona’s care … Human miseries. What you heard from (Agustina) Cosachov and (Carlos) Díaz … There are worse things. I can not tell. But with regard to the lies they told the family so that they would not approach Diego ”. Then he added that Dew Oliva, the last girlfriend of the Ten, was outside of all that and that in the cause nothing arises that involves her. And that the chats that were leaked respond to several different WhatsApp groups: one of the doctors with some of the children; others of the doctors, whose name was Tigre; another more generic, which worked at first; and another in which only the brothers are.

Dr. Mauricio D'Alessandro represents Matías Morla (Photo: Christian Bochichio) Dr. Mauricio D’Alessandro represents Matías Morla (Photo: Christian Bochichio)

“Morla is not in any”, clarified Mauricio D’Alessandro in relation to the lawyer who “did not take care of the health” of the star. He explained that he has been in Argentina for ten days and that he always delivered all the documentation to collaborate with the cause. “His friend hurts,” he alleged, when asked about the present of the former attorney of Maradona. “He has already delivered all the documentation he had, but I don’t know when he last saw it. I am not a cholulo. There are things he doesn’t tell me, ”he added. “In the cause it arises that Luque puts it Morla “, said Baudry, and D’Alessandro remained firm in his position: “It has nothing to do with this. He met Luque a year ago ”.

Regarding the apartment donations that Diego made to his sisters, Baudry was concerned to specify that they are signed by Morla and not by Diego Maradona. And following the line of what the former coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata signed and what he did not, he noted: “Before I had to do it they asked Cosachov (the psychiatrist) to sign that Diego was perfect. But it is clear from the chats that she did not think that. That is why the case is accused of ideological falsehood ”.

Mario Baudry, couple Veronica Ojeda, in the San Isidro Prosecutor's Office after the death of Maradona (Franco Fafasuli) Mario Baudry, couple Veronica Ojeda, in the San Isidro Prosecutor’s Office after the death of Maradona (Franco Fafasuli)

Then Morla’s defender returned on the subject: “It is very dangerous to share them. Private actions belong to people. You pretend to know what Maradona ate and why it was from the body. It has no value for the cause ”. And Baudry strongly contradicted him: “The chats you see are very important because they show an attitude, an intention. We are going to request the imputation of Morla by virtue of the evidence that exists and by the telephone expertises. Tomorrow Diego’s phone opens. I am against it. I don’t think the victim should be investigated. He was a patient with withdrawal, an alcoholic and even a drug user. Three months later they open the phones! Why didn’t they do it before? ”, Said the defender of the youngest son of the Ten, and reflected that the fact of investigating Morla would not have to imply his guilt in anything.

In addition, he explained that Verónica is wrong because many times she wanted to intern Diego, but that she believed Luque when he said no. But now she reads the chats of what the doctors said about her. “He feels that if I could have admitted him, now, I could save him there,” said Baudry. Regarding the public silence of all family members, he alleged that there is no agreement not to express himself. “In the case of Verónica, she understands that she has to let the Justice work. You don’t want to create more discord. He wants to find the truth, ”Dr. Baudry concluded.


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