The discovery that could revolutionize the evolutionary tree of the human species

06/25/2021 at 8:09 PM CEST

Our genome has between a 5 and 10% of genetic material from Neanderthals. It has been theorized ad nauseam about what the traits we have inherited from them might be. Homo Neanderthalensis is a species of Homo with very particular characteristics and which for a long time has been considered to be typical of Europe.

Thus, the hodgepodge between their species and ours could have originated in the Middle East, specifically in modern-day Israel, since a 130,000-year-old fossil has been discovered that shares much of its attributes but it could be another species of homo that served as a path towards the final form of homo sapiens.

Homo Neanderthalensis was more robust than us, with greater cranial capacity although lower encephalization ratio, It is believed that his speech apparatus was not prepared for a language as fluent as ours and also had some features to survive cold temperatures (elusive forehead, absence of chin, a more robust supraorbital torus than ours …).

These ancestors of ours were found at some point with Homo Sapiens or with a similar species that served as a connection between both species. Something that could be corroborated by the discovery of Homo Nesher, in a quarry in Israel. Some parts of the skull and jaw have been found there that could serve as a defining feature for this theory.

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