The director of ‘Space Jam’ charges against the sequel and LeBron James: “It’s not Michael”

‘Space Jam: New Legends’ has already been released in US theaters (and HBO Max) and, although it has not had very positive reviews, it seems that the public is liking it more. But it doesn’t always rain to everyone’s liking, and the film has come up with a very loud hater: the director of the original ‘Space Jam’.

Joe Pytka, who directed the 1996 film starring Michael Jordan, told TMZ his many problems with a movie that, according to him, he had to watch five sittings because he could not hold it at once.

One of his criticisms is thrown at the protagonist of the new installment, the basketball player LeBron James, whom he compares with Michael Jordan. “The truth is that LeBron is not Michael,” he sums up. In his opinion, Jordan was not only the best basketball player of the moment in 1996 but he was the most famous person in the world. What’s more, defends that ‘Space Jam’ had an emotional connection with its protagonist, who had just returned to the NBA in 1995 after a momentary retirement during which he dedicated himself to baseball. According to Pytka, ‘New Legends’ lacks that personal union with its protagonist.

But the director has something for everyone. Labels the soundtrack as “insignificant” and regrets the design of Bugs Bunny: “It looks like one of those stuffed animals you buy in an airport gift shop for your child when your business trip has taken too long.” He also charges against the rest of the cast, saying that he does not remember anything of what actors like Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard do and comparing them to the supporting cast of the original, which featured Bill Murray among others.

We will be able to know if we agree with their harsh criticisms or not from this Friday, when ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ opens in Spanish cinemas.

Advertising legend

Joe Pytka only has two films on his resume (in addition to the one at hand, he directed ‘Free rein’ in 1989). But he’s an advertising legend and holds the record for the most nominations for Best Advertising Direction at the Directors Guild of America Awards.. He has worked with brands like Nike and Pepsi and directed stars like Madonna and Britney Spears.

Although what he is best known for are his video clips, among which are several of Michael Jackson and one of the Beatles.

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