“The director is scolding me, I have stepped on the line”

Dani Mateo knows very well that making a gag or telling a joke can make him pass a bad move. Even so, he is not shy when it comes to making humor, although I have to end up apologizing as happened the afternoon of January 13 in ‘Zapping’. It all started when Lorena Castell gave way to a video related to cakes and Covid-19.

Dani Mateo, in ‘Zapeando’

A German pastry chef has started making syringe-shaped cakes made of marzipan. « It is a sweet way to lose the fear of the vaccine and injections. Its creator ensures that you can take the doses you want and that They have no side effects, except to get a few kilillos for the sugar« , commented the collaborator.

Upon hearing the words of his partner, Dani Mateo saw that it was the opportune moment to make the following joke, which was not in script: « It’s like the Calippo, which is also a good way to lose fear. » Continuing with what was stipulated and without having listened to the presenter’s comment, it was time to intervene from Miki Nadal: « If that were the true vaccine against the coronavirus, the next pandemic would be diabetes. »

« I apologize for the joke »

While the rest of the collaborators raised their hands to their heads when they heard Dani Mateo’s comment, he quickly apologized: « Sorry, sorry. The director is scolding me. Sorry, sorry, I’ve stepped on the line and I’m sorry for this latest joke« . » Nothing happens, « Mini Nadal assured him from the table.