With 29.6 million affected, more than 20 million cured and 935,000 deaths worldwide, the coronavirus crisis continues to hit hard with worrisome outbreaks and their effects on numerous industries. Obviously, the audiovisual sector is not immune to this pandemic that has already paralyzed filming with different infected professionals. The last affected by Covid-19 is Yolanda Ramos.

Yolanda Ramos at the Feroz Awards 2020

After broadcasting a delivery of the format ‘Samanta and the life of …’ starring Ramos, Samanta Villar has reported on the situation of the comedian through her Twitter account. « Yolanda Ramos would love to see the program but is with Covid-19 in Mauritius, where he was filming« , explains. The actress was filming the movie » Amor de madre « , directed by Paco Caballero, when the crisis broke out in March 2020. After filming stopped, the interpreter of Noemí Argüelles in ‘Paquita Salas’ had resumed the recordings.

« The country’s protocol is being harsh, the hospital conditions surprising, without being able to leave despite being asymptomatic and the treatment difficult to understand« , says Villar. A complicated situation that keeps the Catalan actress away from her family, living a hard time due to the coronavirus crisis. » But resist, « adds the presenter.

This is « Mother’s love »

Yolanda Ramos was filming the new feature film by the director of « Perdiendo el Este » for the Netflix platform. The film tells the story of a young man, Quim Gutiérrez, who has just been planted on the altar. In order not to lose all the money from the honeymoon, he will undertake this particular romantic journey with his mother, Carmen Machi.