Pablo and Blanca have decided to make an exchange of couples, disobeying the first fundamental rule: Do not do it if you are in crisis. To do this, they call two of their single friends, Mia and Lucas, also disobeying the second rule: Always do it with another couple.

The four have met to meet in a bar but just before leaving, Blanca and Pablo have a strong discussion that will make them rethink everything they have always believed in: From if they love each other, to why they have a Thermomix. Meanwhile, at the bar, Mia and Lucas have just met and started to like each other. But the thing has no future because Lucas is in love with someone else (or not), and Mia does not believe in love (or s).

Macarena Gmez, Luis Miguel Segu, Enrique Arce and Lorena Lpez are the four main protagonists of ‘Powdered love‘, a comedy directed by Suso Imbernn and Juanjo Moscard based on a script written by Mara Mnguez, Mara Laura Gargarella and Moscard himself.

A production of Cosabona Films, Nobody is Perfect and Cilantro Films that Begin Again Films will be released in theaters in our country next July 24. Below is his official trailer and poster.

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