The differences of Telegram vs WhatsApp, which is better?

During the last days, Telegram, a messaging application of Russian origin, has been downloaded by tens of millions of people who become new users of the application, due to the policies of WhatsApp in terms of privacy they are making them look for new options to communicate via chat. The differences between both are many and advantage in favor of Telegram are very outstanding.

If you are also exploring other alternatives to manage your chat, other than WhatsApp, you should know that differences between said messenger and Telegram there are many. Among the most prominent is that much of the information that Telegram handles is based on the cloud, which allows you to access your messages from different devices, even share more multimedia material than on WhatsApp.

Unlike WhatsApp, within Telegram you can open your account on several phones at the same time, including tablets and computers. Regarding data storage, in Telegram you are allowed to have an unlimited amount of music, photos, videos and files of all kinds, even music, with a limit of up to 2 gigs for each file.

Another of the things that Telegram boasts the most are its data and encryption, what makes the information that is processed through the messenger sent and received faster and with a substantial superiority to WhatsApp in terms of security.

All these characteristics could make you think that it is a paid messenger, however another of the great advantages of Telegram is that it is an application free. You even have the ability to search for people by their username. Likewise, if you already have Telegram, the application will notify you when a new contact that is already in your notebook joins the application.

Regarding groups, WhatsApp limits the number of participants to 256 contacts. In the case of Telegram, you can add up to 200 thousand users to make communities much larger than any other chat available in the market.

A prominent advantage of Telegram is that it incorporates a seeker in the upper bar, which allows you not only to do internal searches in the chats but also to search at the general level of the application, especially the groups that interest you and participate. If a group is public, anyone can join without having to be registered by an administrator.

Likewise, as a new user of a group, you can look back through the entire message history to see if the content is of interest to you or not. You can enter and exit public groups without restrictions.

As we told you before, Telegram is an application of Russian origin that was launched on August 14, 2013 and can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers, both for Android, iOS and Windows devices. And if for WhatsApp you can locate Mark Zuckerberg as the owner, in the case of Telegram it is an application backed by Pavel Durov and his brother Nicolás Durov, who are behind the financial and technological support of this application.

Telegram highlights among its priorities the protection of the private conversations of its users, as well as the total protection of their personal data, preventing third parties such as sellers, advertisers or interested companies from accessing them.

If this information has helped you a little more to understand Telegram and how it works, we recommend that you install it and give it a few days trial before removing it. You can start by searching for people from your contacts within the messenger.

You can even make new friends by city, since Telegram gives you the ability to search for people near your area and be able to contact them and build communities or interest groups. You can also find out which of your current WhatsApp contacts already use Telegram.

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