The differences between influencing, inspiring and manipulating

Word of mouth communication (WOM – Worth of Mouth) has held a very special place in Marketing education for many years and it is for the simple fact that it is one of the most effective strategies in this activity.

Today the ‘WOM’, occupies a greater relevance thanks to social networks, because from them we can speak of “Influence Marketing” or “Influencer Marketing” which refers to taking actions focused on generating content of value for people and for people. This concept has been crowned as digital word of mouth.

To understand it much better, we can talk about three very interesting concepts when we talk about this strategy:

Manipulate: It generally has a negative connotation and is linked to altering reality to take advantage by triggering an attitude, thought or decision. In marketing terms it would be viewed as misleading advertising. Inspire: It is based on the aspiration of a person to want something in particular that he has seen or heard from another individual. It is linked to the greatest desires we have or what we have created. Influence: It has more to do with highlighting the characteristics or particularities of a topic, product or service in order to invite a reflection from the user, showing how this fills a gap, solves a problem or need in a familiar context. the audience.

The best practice in terms of advertising and, specifically, digital word of mouth, is to focus on inspiring and influencing, since today we are faced with a much more informed user or audiences, who easily identify if a content is missing the truth.

If at any time someone thinks about wanting to manipulate their audience, today it is quite complex and could ensure that content creators do not want to link to a campaign with these characteristics, as a result of the hyperconnectivity that we live, the response or the truthful information you are just a click away, which could have a negative impact on your profession.

Companies must bet on generating brands, products and services that provide value for their audiences, since it is a fact that those who connect in an emotional or practical way with their buyers are more likely to generate what we all want: a community captive.