The ‘Diakhaby case’ heats up and football adds another episode of racism: Eto’o, Iñaki Williams, Neymar …

The alleged racist insult of Juan Cala to Mouctar Diakhaby in the match between Cádiz and Valencia continues to kick in, how could it be otherwise. Valencia, which received some criticism for continuing to play the game, showed its full support for the French player on Monday and strongly condemned any racist episode. Meanwhile, the Andalusian defender defends himself and denounces that it seems that the presumption of innocence does not exist. This Tuesday, he will offer a press conference to give his version while LaLiga investigates what happened and sees signs that “something happened” at the Ramón de Carranza stadium.

Valencia wanted to symbolize their support Diakhaby with an institutional photo on the field Antonio Puchades de Paterna. With the Frenchman commanding the pose, the players and the rest of the technical staff formed behind him with outstretched arms and hands: “Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always: stop racism”, was the message launched.

The president of the entity che, Anil Murthy, also wanted to support the player. “We cannot put ourselves in profile with something as serious as racism. It is time to change and Valencia CF will go to the end in support of its player and against racism. Yesterday we took a step back in the fight against him racism. Soccer has to be an example for society. No to racism! “Said the Singaporean manager.

“Let no one have the slightest doubt that Valencia CF will go to the end to defend Diakhaby and fight so that these unfortunate events are never repeated. This morning we have spoken with LaLiga to urge them to also go up to the end of the investigation into what happened. This cannot stop there and it cannot happen again with any player from any team, “said Murthy.

Javier Tebas picked up the glove thrown by Valencia. “Something happened in the Ramón de Carranza and as we have done other times with racist incidents, we have carried out an internal investigation procedure and what we have to do is with the videos and images of the match see and clarify what happened at that moment, “explained the president of LaLiga.”The versions are somewhat contradictory, but the behavior of the Valencia player also shows that something happened, “said enVamos.

Tebas also wanted to explain why the Valencian players returned to the field and continued with the game. “What Valencia did by returning to the pitch is to pay attention to what the referee said, because he had not listened to it.”

Earlier, Cádiz announced that Juan Cala will appear on Tuesday to explain what happened, while the player, upon arrival in his town, Lebrija (Seville), wanted to defend himself. “The presumption of innocence does not appear in this country “he said annoyed. “I’m not going to hide.”

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