The DGT will not fine you for masks

The masks They are already part of our daily lives, they have become one more element of our routine, such as house keys, sunglasses or mobile phones. Its use is still mandatory in our cars, but the DGT admits that the infractions related to masks are not within its competence: Who can then fine because of the masks in the car?

The use of the mask It has been regulated for about a year, being mandatory in almost all situations. There are very few moments in which the use of a mask is not mandatory, and the car is not one of them unless we travel alone, or we do it with people who reside at the same address.

As a result of the use of masks, “new offenses” that drivers and passengers may commit in a vehicle, infractions such as their misuse or their poor storage and placement inside the passenger compartment. These are infractions and offenses for which we can receive a fine, although The DGT has just released a clarification: it is not its competence and, therefore, Traffic cannot fine us for it.

The DGT cannot fine for the misuse of the mask

So blunt, but so really: in the statement released by the DGT it is specified that the use of the mask is a sanitary and public health measure, so the DGT does not have any competence in regulating it. In the same way, The DGT points out that, at least currently, there is no article in the Traffic and Road Safety Law that refers to its use, so it is not punishable … by traffic agents.

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What happens then with the sanctions imposed so far? Can anyone fine us for anything related to the mask in the car? No, the reality is not that. Being a public health measure established and regulated in the decree law of New Normality,Any agent of the authority (National Police, Municipal Police, Local Police, etc.) can sanction us for non-compliance.

No loss of points, but with financial penalties

The DGT is clear in this regard: points cannot be withdrawn from the card driving as a result of an offense related to the use of masks, for the simple reason that there is no offense contained in the Traffic Regulations that refers to the aforementioned use of masks at the wheel or inside a vehicle.

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Yes it is possible, for example, receive a sanction for wearing the mask hanging from the rear view mirror of our car, as specified in the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Circulation and Road Safety, but for the simple reason that it is an infraction related to the correct visibility when driving, so that If instead of a mask we were to carry any other element that would impede a correct vision of the driver, we would also receive the same fine.