The DGT website, a ‘hell’ to do paperwork, even pay



Updated Sunday, May 16, 2021 – 11:30

The OCU has denounced the complex, cumbersome and ineffective Traffic platform when it comes to taking steps, which leads to hiring a manager.

Cities Traffic puts pressure to apply the 30 km / h limit, which could trigger speed fines Digital My DGT: driving license or vehicle license on mobile

The consumer organization OCU has reported difficulties in managing procedures on the website of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). According to an organization study, a user needs about 30 minutes to get a full car report, information necessary to buy a second-hand car.

Likewise, users consider the complicated and unintuitive web, to the point that many had to call 060, the information telephone number of the General State Administration. Among the main problems, OCU has pointed out the impossibility of using the Cl @ ve accreditation system -although the web indicates that it can be used-, the difficulties of knowing the cost of the fees, the cumbersomeness of the payment process -requires a separate application- and even the inability to pay with certain cards- the concert is limited to certain banks, basically the old savings banks and rural banks.

On this page you can carry out a multitude of procedures, from requesting a duplicate of the driving license to paying fines or requesting numerous documentation of our vehicle.

End up paying a consultancy

OCU criticizes that the difficulties to carry out procedures ‘online’ before traffic end up driving many drivers to pay for the services of an advisor, especially now, when the process of going in person to an office involves a risk of contagion; or because they just don’t want to waste a few hours of their time getting some documentation.

Faced with this situation, OCU urges Trfico to improve the accessibility of its website, as other public administrations already do. In this sense, the organization has given as an example some procedures in other more agile administrations, such as obtaining a work life certificate, which takes just over 5 minutes. For this reason, the organization considers it advisable to activate some type of accreditation system, such as the electronic DNI, the natural person certificate issued by the National Currency and Stamp Factory or that of the Cl @ ve platform.

According to the criteria of

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