The DGT remembers all the mandatory elements that you must carry on your bicycle (and that many ignore) | Engine

If you are a cyclist or you intend to buy a bicycle to exercise or go from home to work, you must take into account a series of mandatory safety measures.

Bicycles have become a greener alternative to cars in cities. With the arrival of electric models, their use in the city has become popular and they help reduce annoying traffic jams, although the usual bicycles are still an option for exercising outdoors.

Regardless of which model you choose and what your objective is, it is important to follow the security measures recommended by the General direction of traffic. For your safety and that of others, cyclists must also know and respect the traffic rules.

According to accident data from the DGT’s National Road Safety Observatory, 58 cyclists died in 2018, representing 3% of the total number of traffic accident victims that year. To avoid accidents like these, among other traffic regulations, all cyclists must wear equipment to reinforce safety.

It is not enough to buy a bicycle and comfortable clothes, all bicycles must be equipped with lighting measurements to be more visible to other cars. Also, drivers and occupants They are required to wear a helmet and a certain type of clothing in certain situations. Here is the complete list:

White front light: If we drive at night or through tunnels, it is important to have several lighting points that help other drivers to see us. This is what the small light that is placed on the handlebar of the bicycle is for. It should be white as in cars or vans. Red taillight: At the rear, another light similar to the front one, but pink in color, is placed. So others can also see us from behind. Both lights are usually sold together and you can get them for only 12 euros. Retro reflector red: This reflective element also has the function of facilitating the visibility of the vehicle in specific moments of low light or at night. It must be placed at the rear, under the seat of the bicycle, next to the red taillight and cannot be triangular. You can find them for a very low price, like this one for only 5 euros. Helmet: The approved protective helmet is mandatory for drivers and bicycle occupants when traveling on inter-urban roads, with exceptions: on long ascending ramps, in extreme heat conditions or for medical reasons: Reflective clothing: At night it is mandatory to wear reflective clothing in interurban areas to make it easier for other vehicles and pedestrians to see us from a distance. You can wear a vest or buy sportswear or a coat with reflective markings.