The device that relieves migraines through electric shocks to the neck

Migraines are one of the health problems that most concern millions of people in the world. There are few effective remedies to tackle the deep headache it causes. But there is a system that promises to be effective.

The device is called gammaCore and it works like this: it is held against the neck and emits a low-level electrical current To block pain signals, pick up The Sun.

For people who suffer from cluster headaches and cannot be treated with pain relievers, the device has been shown to be effective during the last two years of UK National Health System (NHS) trials.

Migraines start quickly, and sufferers often describe them as a burning or stinging sensation on one side of the head. The attacks last between 15 minutes and three hours and they occur up to eight times a day.

Patients can use the device regularly to prevent pain or when they feel one start to appear.

The device will be used for unresponsive patients to previously tested treatments, such as triptan, a pain reliever used to relieve migraines and severe headaches.