The device that every electric and hybrid car will have to incorporate from July

That the automotive sector is changing is not news or a secret, it is a fact that has been taking place for a long time. However, it is true that in recent years it has been accentuated through the transition to electric mobility, a segment that requires a specific context to be able to settle properly. A clear example of this are the legislative changes that require, Whatthe presence of mandatory devices both in electric and in hybrids such as the acoustic warning device, an element that will carry every car of this condition from July.

This has been included in the European Union regulation, which specifies that every car manufactured from July 2021 -month inclusive- must have this alert device on a mandatory basis. We must not forget that neither electric nor hybrid cars emit noise when driving in EV mode, which can pose a serious danger to pedestrians. But we are going to discover what characteristics the acoustic signal or AVAS system must present..

The acoustic signal that every electric and hybrid car will have to equip

Although it is true that this system was mandatory from July 2019 on newly approved electric and hybrid vehicles, now it will be for all new cars. In this way, Manufacturers will develop an acoustic alert system that, for at least the European Union, must meet a series of requirements regardless of the power, segment or category of the vehicle.

It is a signal that will be emitted both in reverse and as soon as the trip is started, turning off once the 20 km / h is exceeded. Its objective is to alert pedestrians and other road users to the presence of a car whose mechanics do not generate any type of noise, so the AVAS system will also increase the decibel level as speed is gained.

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By law, This system will emit a sound between 56 and 75 decibels, thus equating to the maximum level allowed for an internal combustion vehicle. But regardless of the legislative framework to which this safety measure must be taken, manufacturers will have a certain margin for their customers to play relatively with the acoustic signal.

And it is that after the premise that this sound must emulate or resemble as much as possible that of a car with a gasoline engine, customers can customize it under the different options offered by each brand. Of course, this system cannot be disconnected at any time, so there will be no button to “shut it up”.

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