One of the most magical moments that all video game lovers experience is E3. The quintessential global video game fair is held every year in Los Angeles. However, after the pandemic that the world is suffering due to COVID-19, this year the Angelina fair has been suspended. There are many who no longer see E3 as the fair it was, and there have even been large companies such as Sony that have been absent. Due to this change in direction of the fair and the pandemic we are experiencing, Geoff Keighley, director of The Games Awards and Gamescom, has promoted the Summer Game Fest, a space for companies to announce their next launches between the months of May to August. This festival has already started and we have been able to know great news such as the launch of the next Unreal Engine 5, which will also support Nintendo Switch.

The developers will also have their space

The Summer Game Fest has just announced that video game developers will also have their space in this digital festival in which there will be news, gameplays and musical performances. It should be noted that there will be two dates for the developers to show their entire arsenal, the June 22 and July 20.

The developers confirmed to date are the following:

– Akupara Games
– Annapurna Interactive
– The Behemoth
– Finji
– Kowloon Nights
– Longhand Electric
– MWM Interactive
– Panic
– Sabotage Studio
– Skybound Games
– Team17
– thatgamecompany
– Tribute Games
– ustwo games

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Surely more developers will join in over the weeks. We are wanting to know what they have prepared for us, and you?

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