The detainees in the Samuel case were also able to kill the Senegalese who helped him

One of those arrested for the murder of Samuel Luiz, on July 9. (Photo: Europa Press via .)

Those arrested for the crime of Samuel Luiz, who are charged with a crime of homicide or completed murder, are also being investigated for another of attempted murder for the injuries they caused to Ibrahima Diack, the Senegalese who assisted the mortal victim.

In an appearance in A Coruña, the delegate of the Government in Galicia, José Miñones; the Superior Chief of Police of Galicia, José Luis Balseiro; and the chief commissioner of the provincial brigade of the Judicial Police of the Higher Police Headquarters, Pedro Agudo, have detailed that Ibrahima “covered Samuel with his body”, thus receiving “attacks that could end his life.”

That is the reason why the Government delegate in Galicia has indicated that they are also being investigated for a crime of homicide, or murder, in an attempted degree to the Senegalese who has already been granted his residence permit for trying to help Samuel, who received a fatal beating on July 3 in A Coruña.

The two main authors, implicated by DNA

This Monday, once the summary secrecy has been lifted, the Judicial Police, has delivered two DNA reports to the judge that “directly implicate the two main perpetrators of the events” that ended the life of Samuel Luiz.

The Government delegate explained this during an appearance at the headquarters of the Delegation, in which he updated the latest data on the investigation of the crime of the 24-year-old.

In addition, the delegate has specified that the police investigation has 36 testimonial evidence and has said that the attack lasted “six fatal minutes”, since it began at 2.58 hours and ended at 3.04 hours.

Commissioner Agudo has confirmed that DNA profiles were found after the analysis of Samuel’s own body, the clothes of the deceased and the glass bottle ”which, according to what he stated, was also used to attack Samuel.

Of the six detainees, three remain in provisional prison, one has been released with appearances in court and two minors have been admitted to a center.

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