The detail that would prevent Eiza González from making a María Félix film – El Sol de México

After the actress announced that she would film the biography of María Félix, the lawyer Guillermo Pous clarified that a person and two Mexican companies deceived her and she does not have the rights to do so.

The universal heir to the name and brand of the legendary actress, Mr. Luis Martínez de Anda, has not authorized the rights for this purpose, with only three companies being able to carry out, legally, projects inspired by the biography and image of La Doña, who passed away in 2002.

In an interview with the Ventaneando program, the lawyer Guillermo Pous, who represents Pink Tiger Group, -the only company that will be able to make the film-, explained what happened in a timely manner, making clear the reasons why the film, which Eiza intends to make through production house Linden Entertainment, it just can’t be possible.

“Yesterday we learned about this notice that is made, where it is mentioned that the actress Eiza González intends to play María Felix as part of the production in a biographical film, which has absolutely no class in that sense because she does not have the rights , that is to say, there is not a single additional contract where Don Luis has transmitted or authorized someone to exploit this class of powers that only corresponds to him “.

Pous was questioned about what was announced by Linden Entertainment, a company that uncovered Dana Harris and Nicole King as producers of the film along with Eiza González.

“These people, indeed, can act as producers or as executive producers, and from the research we did we understand that Don Luis signed different contracts with two Mexican companies, a civil society and a commercial company, represented by the same person where he is empowered and it authorizes you to register certain kinds of trademarks to apply them to specific products and services, but at no time does it allow you to exploit the image of La Doña in a biographical way for the production of a film. ”

He also pointed out that they have undertaken an investigation with which they have been able to identify the person responsible for what happens, warning that it is all a hoax.

“This person completely exceeds their powers and is apparently the one who is involved in this operation trying to enforce them, deceiving them, telling them that they have the rights, which is completely false.

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He is someone with whom we have had talks and he even dared to notify me saying that we did not have the rights and he had them and later we initiated a conciliatory procedure to see what he wanted and curiously, who then was Don Luis’s lawyer negotiating these contracts Now she is the lawyer of this person who holds the rights, there are too many strange things “:

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