The desperate request of a tennis player who cannot enter the United States

Probably not many know the name of Anastasia gasanova. Located in position 166 of the international ranking, the 22-year-old Russian is in the best moment of her career. However, he suffered a severe setback in recent days as he cannot obtain the VISA necessary to enter the United States to play the US Open Series, which will have the qualification of the United States Open as its most important point. Having no government response to this, he posted a video on his account on Instagram in which she was desperate to get her work permit.

“For several months, my coach and I have been desperately trying to obtain a visa to the United States, but we constantly encounter denials, despite having all the letters of support and exemptions provided by the WTA, the USTA and the US Open, “he noted. He added:” I understand that times are difficult, but I have been competing in Europe this year and always followed all regulations. I know I am not the only athlete in this situation and I think it is unfair that our dreams of competing in the United States are being taken away from us. “

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