The icons that represent the different files and folders on our Mac can have many sizes. In general, it is about a moderate size, but enough to see the preview of the document, but what happens when the icons are too big or too small?

Display options: Size and spacing


Sometimes, with the simple use of the computer, without our intention, we may have changed the size of the icons of the files and folders of Finder. This can happen both on the desktop, where according to my formations it is more common, and on the rest of the system. Fortunately, it is very easy to return all the icons to their normal size. The steps are the following:

We open the Finder app on our Mac.
We enter the folder that shows us the icons with a size outside of what we would like.
In the Visualization menu we choose Show visualization options or press Command (⌘) + J.
In the Icons size section we use the slider to adjust them according to our tastes.

By default the Mac displays the icons at a size of 64×64, a data that we can use as a reference. We can repeat this process in all the folders we want to resize the icons it contains.

Since we are talking about it, it is worth mentioning that another situation that I have seen in some computers, although much less common, is a disproportionate spacing of files of the folders. As we will have seen following the previous steps, just below the Icon size, the Grid Spacing option appears, which also offers us a slider. By default this control is in the middle of it, so the spacing is commensurate with the size of the icons. If we need to make changes to the spacing this is the option we need.

Once we have made all the changes it is very useful that let’s press the button Use by default. When you press it, this is the configuration that we will see appear, that is, the system will use, when showing us new folders, folders that we have never opened. If we have already modified the size of the icons or their separation in several folders individually, the option of Use by default will not restore the changes. In this case, our best option, especially if there are many folders in which we have to readjust the size or separation of the icons, will be to create a new user on the computer, transfer the data and delete the old user.

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Easy, right? Whether we have unintentionally altered the size or spacing of the icons of any folder or simply want to modify the default settings for all or some specific folders, we will know that the display options offer us all the necessary options.

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