The departure of Messi, a drama and a relief for Barcelona

The march of Leo Messi he plans again at Can Barça. The latest statements by the Argentine have once again set off all the alarms of the Barcelona Soccer Club. His tiredness is increasingly notorious and he no longer refuses to make it public, he goes straight ahead and begins to lay the foundations of what could be a premature goodbye, who knows if in January he could pack the same bags that he already had ready in September when announced that he was leaving.

But, And the Barça? What would the Argentine’s departure mean to Barcelona on a sporting and economic level? And its continuity? They are questions today, but both could have answers. Messi He already made it clear a few months ago that his time at Barcelona was over and he hastened to enforce the clause of his contract that allowed him to fly free. Interpretation stuff, since the player had to back down. He continued at Barça, much to his regret.

The last tantrum of the Argentine at the airport after his stay with the national team, makes one think of the sporting hole that could be the departure of Leo Messi in a few months. It is unquestionable that his goodbye would mark a before and after in the club’s history, a turning point towards a new horizon, in which a new column would have to be sought after years of endurance from Rosario. It would be very worrying if Messi choose to leave this January, in a month, because it would crumble this initial project of Koeman –Although it still reports doubts– with the season halfway through.

Another very different issue is economic. Messi it has not yet accepted the salary reduction that would allow an important financial relief to the entity. It is another measure of pressure from the Argentine, but the Barça the play could be rethought so that his exit would help in financial terms. So that the Barça comply with the Financial Fair Play must notably reduce their salaries and that of the Argentine, as advanced Eduardo Inda, It is 75 million euros net by season. Imagine the relief.

The reduction of this titanic salary added to the possibility that some club is willing to pay a millionaire for the Argentine this coming January seduces the Barcelona. The Manchester City is one of the clubs that you would be interested in Messi and, according to British media, they would pay slightly more than 50 million for his transfer in this next transfer market.

Also, the output of Messi would heal the club’s salary cap regarding The league, that already prevented the signing of Memphis Depay at the beginning of October due to lack of space in this matter. The departure of the Argentine would not only allow the aforementioned Dutchman to enter, but would also give steps to other players without the need to carry out more exits, allowing greater competitiveness in the squad and more breadth in the bottom of the wardrobe of Koeman.