The Health Department, the University of the Basque Country and Osakidetza reaffirm the need to establish a joint path of collaboration to tackle the coronavirus in the Basque Country from research. After completing the UPV / EHU the training procedure for research centers and universities as support laboratories for PCR analysis of clinical samples with COVID-19 by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), Both institutions strengthen their collaboration and work to analyze the different possibilities of using them..

The technical meetings held over the past few days have served to analyze the research project led by the UPV / EHU related to the development of a test for the detection of COVID-19. Both parties agreed that Obtaining the training by the Carlos III Institute is “good news” for the research area of ​​Euskadi because it gives it rigor and recognition.

The training obtained comes to recognize the good technique used by all the research staff. However, in order to use these tests in patients, additional clinical validation is required. This technique is enabled from the point of view of a research laboratory. However, more checks are needed to determine its usefulness in infected people. This is the usual process for using a technique in the healthcare setting. To that end, the UPV / EHU research staff and the Osakidetza healthcare staff, They will continue to work closely for the next few days in order to have the test available as soon as possible. and, subsequently, analyze the different possibilities of using them, always under the umbrella of the healthcare field, which will be reflected in a collaboration agreement. It must also be taken into account that the UPV / EHU’s test performance capacity is estimated between 500 and 1,000 a day.

Close collaboration

It should be remembered that collaboration between both institutions is continuous. In fact, the UPV / EHU laboratory is part of the Contingency Plan developed by Osakidetza to face the pandemic. In addition to the UPV / EHU, this plan has other important resources such as, for example, health research institutes (Biocruces Bizkaia, Biodonostia and Bioaraba), as well as 16 technology centers and cooperative research centers belonging to the Basque Science Network , Technology and Innovation, the Basque Government, the Provincial Councils of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa and the SPRI Group united in BRTA.

Both institutions will continue to report on the collaboration when there are more news.