The Delta variant will account for 90% of cases in the EU by the end of August

Man in a hospital infected with coronavirus. (Photo: Vladimir Gerdo via .)

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has indicated this Wednesday that the Delta variant, more contagious than other SARS-CoV-2 mutations, will account for 70% of coronavirus cases in the European Union (EU) a early August and 90% at the end of the same month.

Preliminary data suggest that this mutation can also infect people who have received only one dose of coronavirus vaccines and is “likely” to circulate widely this summer, especially in the younger population, who have not yet been vaccinated, warns the ECDC.

This organism, in a statement, has explained that “this could cause a risk that the most vulnerable people become infected and become seriously ill or die if they have not completed the inoculation process.”

On the other hand, they remember that there are “too many people” at risk of suffering a severe infection and that they should receive protection as quickly as possible. Until then, they emphasize that it is necessary to use established sanitary measures and that they have served to control other mutations in order to keep the circulation of the delta variant low.

Thus, the organism urges that the second dose of serum be administered in the minimum authorized interval since the first one has been received and that the vaccination campaign be accelerated.

“The good news is that the two doses of any of the available vaccines provide high protection against this variant and its consequences. However, 30% of those over 80 years of age and 40% of those over 60 have not yet completed the inoculation process in the EU ”, warns the ECDC.

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