The defeat of Valladolid mathematically saves Valencia

05/13/2021 at 10:13 PM CEST


The defeat of Valladolid against Villarreal (0-2) has meant the mathematical permanence of Valencia in the First Division, two days before the conclusion of the League championship. The Valencian team has 39 points, a figure unattainable both by Valladolid, which has 31, as well as by Elche and Eibar, who follow in the standings.

Before the game on Thursday and despite the defeat that the Valencian team suffered on Wednesday during their visit to Sevilla, Valencia needed the Castilian team not to go beyond the draw against Villarreal to achieve the objective for which they have fought in the last matches.

The Mestalla team will host Eibar this Sunday and close the League a week later in Huesca before two rivals fighting for permanence in the category.

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