“The defeat and the result hurts but I am not disappointed”

Sheriff He was hurt, but not disappointed by what happened at Juventus Stadium: “Disappointed is not the word because when the players and I propose the game, we have it clear,” he said. “What hurts is the defeat and the result, but not disappointed. Angry yes, like when we lose any game, but not disappointed because we were so clear that we could not lose our identity despite having a top team playing behind us. We knew it could happen and it has happened ”.

Orio’s does not believe that with another approach, the story would have been different: “When you see the game and the result … I am so clear that it had to be us, and the team was also so clear that if we had to lose it had to be this way. Yesterday I said that there were going to be goals, that they were going to have their chances. I thought that we were going to have more and that we were going to be just as successful as them. We did not want this defeat or so bulky, but this will surely help us to grow ”.

I am proud of how we have faced the game despite the result. Now it’s easy to talk. Doing another type of match, nobody guaranteed us to have competed

Confirmed Imanol that the dressing room is “hurt” but “I have already told the players that these games make you have your feet on the ground. It is a hard result, but the results, although sometimes they hurt, they make you learn and on that side I always say that this team is very young and that this will make us take those steps forward ”, so he considers that despite the 0- 4, “the team is not going to suffer” and that they will play the second leg “as if this match had not existed, trying to win.”

Asked Imanol if the team had raised their expectations too much: “Perhaps we have deserved them because the team has played very good games, both at European level and in the Super Cup against Barça. In that sense, expectations have been created for the team, but we must also be aware that what we had in front of us was one of the best teams in the world. If to that you add that they have played a great game and we not so good … There is the difference ”.

Is this the toughest stick since you became Real’s coach ?: “Not at all. We have to be aware of the rival in front of us. We all have to be very clear about it. I am proud of how we have faced the game despite the result. Now it’s easy to talk. By doing another type of match, no one guaranteed us to have competed. This style has brought us this far. I am very calm and very proud ”.