Barbie White, member of the Racing Board of Directors, told details of the sale of Ricardo Centurión and revealed that the decision to sell it was made between Sebastián Beccacece and Diego Milito, current technical secretary of the club.

« It was a bit like the plan for the sale of Centu’s pass, we think it is the best for him. He was happy in Vélez, he was contained there and we wanted to think about it, we think it’s the best. We know him, we love him a lot, he left the club and one looks for the best for the player … and also for the club. We hope that Velez will do well, we wish him the best, « said the president’s daughter, in dialogue with TNT Sports.

And in the same line, he said: « The decision was made by Sebastián (Beccacece) together with the Technical Secretariat, with Diego (Milito)They evaluate all aspects of the player. The decision is made by them and communicated to the leadership. That’s where the negotiation starts, « added Barbie.

And finally, he clarified that, beyond everything that happened, Centurion is a great player: « Ricky plays very well, I have no doubt that he can succeed anywhere. It depends on him, like everything in life, what he wants … But he has all the conditions, I wish him the best. I have a special affection for him because he is a boy from the club, « Blanco closed.

The truth is that Racing sold 40% of Centurión’s pass to Vélez in exchange for approximately $ 2 million. El Fortín will make him a contract for three seasons and he will stay with one of the most wanted players in this pass market.