The deaths from covid since Friday are 157, more than triple from last Monday

Another breather in the coronavirus curve, but misleading. This Monday, Health has reported a decrease of 14 points in the incidence, to 673 points on average, although María José Sierra, from the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, has warned of the “increase” in deaths and hospitalizations beyond the “Slight downward trend” in incidence.

It refers, especially to the 157 confirmed deaths during the weekend, compared to 47 the previous Monday. The cases do drop somewhat, with 55,939 against the 61,625 of last Monday, almost identical to the record of the previous Monday (61,628).

As Dr. Sierra has indicated, there is concern about the increase in ICU beds. There are already 20.02% of covid patients in all intensive care units in Spain, although Catalonia marks 47.07%. At the plant level, the national average rises to 8.90%.

With the data from Monday, August 2, Spain exceeds 4.5 million recognized positives (4,502,983), of which 5,112 have taken place in the last 24 hours, an amount always lower than on other days due to delays in notifications .

The growth in recent mortality is still noticeable in the seven-day figures with which Health works. In the previous seven days, the department confirmed 207 deaths only due to covid, which brings the accumulated to 81,643, with a 1.8% fatality rate.

At the territorial level, the incidence marks its top in the Balearic Islands (936.03), followed by Catalonia (845.38) and Navarra (825.32). No region or autonomous city is already below 250 cases in 14 days, a barrier of ‘extreme risk’.

Vaccination pending the end of August milestone

August is the key month cited by the government to meet its target of group immunity. Pedro Sánchez announced already in April that we would reach 70% with the complete guideline by the end of August. Currently, the figure exceeds 57.5%, with more than 27.2 million people already immunized (the goal is to reach 33 million).

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“The decline we are seeing is affecting the youngest groups, between 12 and 29 years old, because in the older ones the situation is much more stabilized,” Sierra added. In the youngest groups, the incidence falls, but remains at very high levels: 1,516.55 for 12-19 years and 1,626.02 in twentysomethings.

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