Managua.- The number of deaths from COVID-19 rose this Tuesday in Nicaragua to 35 and the number of infected to 759 in a week in which “other deaths occurred in people who have been monitored” and died from other causes, according to authorities. .

However, the independent Citizen Observatory COVID-19 has so far recorded at least 2,323 cases of contagion of the disease and 465 deaths from pneumonia and suspected of coronavirus.

In the last seven days, there were at least 18 deaths attributable to COVID-19, bringing the number of deaths since the pandemic was declared to 35, for an additional 105.9%, said the Secretary General of the Ministry of Salud, Carlos Sáenz, when reading the report on the situation of the SARS-coV-2 coronavirus before official media.

It is the second consecutive week in which the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Nicaragua grows by more than 100%.

In the previous week, when the death toll went from 8 to 17, it grew by 112.5%, and now by 105.9%, according to official data.

Meanwhile, the confirmed cases went from 279 to 759, that is, 480 new infections, for a 172% growth.

In the previous week, the number of confirmed cases rose from 25 to 279, for a 1,016% increase.


“This week there were 18 deaths attributable to COVID-19 and other deaths occurred in people who have been followed up, caused by pulmonary thromboembolism, diabetes mellitus, acute myocardial infarction, hypertensive crisis and bacterial pneumonia,” said the official, without specifying the number of others who have perished.

He assured that since the pandemic began until today, 885 people have been followed up “responsibly and carefully”, and that the “vast majority of people confirmed with COVID 19 or in responsible and careful follow-up” suffer from various diseases.

Among the most frequent diseases, he mentioned diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart disease, immunodeficiency syndrome, chronic kidney failure, morbid obesity, a history of cerebrovascular accident, pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic lung diseases.

Likewise, Sáenz said that to date 370 patients have recovered, including 171 in the last week.

Also that they have detected “cases in outbreaks through clearly established contacts”, without further ado.


The government chaired by the Sandinista Daniel Ortega, which has not specified the number of tests it has carried out, has so far emphasized that all the cases have been imported, that is, that no contagions of local community transmission have been registered.

However, in the last three reports, it has not recognized local community transmission, only that “we continue to work on prevention and care for people.”

The independent Citizen Observatory COVID-19 has so far recorded at least 2,323 cases of contagion of the disease, 1,564 more cases than those recognized by the authorities.

It also reports 465 deaths from pneumonia and COVID-19 suspects that have been verified by the Observatory.

Women walk through a market while wearing face masks as a preventive measure against COVID-19, in Managua. / Photography: ..

The Executive has been criticized by various sectors for promoting massive events and agglomerations against the current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and for not establishing restrictions or suspending classes in the midst of the pandemic.

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