The Undertaker has apparently had its last fight in WWE. Deadman’s character allegedly disappeared, and new stories can be told about the man behind the famous character.

The day Undertaker danced the Kung Fu Panda song

During the most recent episode of Table Talk, D-Von Dudley told a story about The Undertaker. Not many people were able to witness The Deadman come out of his character in those days. It turns out that all it took to get Mark Calaway out was playing Carl Douglas’ classic song Kung Fu Fighting, which is the subject of the famous animated film Kung Fu Panda which was adapted. This is what D-Von tells:

It was WrestleMania in Toronto and me and taker went to Planet Hollywood in Toronto. I will never forget. We were just hanging out and talking all night, when all of a sudden the song “Kung Fu Fightin” starts playing, if you grant the song, you know that at the beginning you hear a “oh oh oh oh”, we were all talking and Taker from he suddenly falls silent when he hears that. I was saying something to him and he just stopped.

D-Von thought he had disrespected The Undertaker and said something he shouldn’t say. Then Taker eased his mind in a very interesting way. He also made a great show inside Planet Hollywood.

I fixed my gaze on Taker’s ex, I looked at Sara and I thought I made him mad, and she looked at me and she looked at him and suddenly when the song got to the part where she sings ‘Everebody Was Kung Fu Fightin’ , he broke the character and stood up in the middle of the restaurant and said ‘uh uh uh uh uh!’ [mientras hacía movimientos de kung fu] and we were like ‘what the hell?’ He said ‘yes, I love that song.’ “

The Undertaker is a very complex individual. Perhaps now that he’s retired, fans will be able to learn more about the man behind the character. We could even find other songs that are sure to get The Undertaker to get up from his seat to cut some dance moves.

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